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Suitable Hot Drinks During The Rainy Season


When the rainy season comes to come also cold air which require heating for yourself to everyone. Usually when the rainy season arrived and Eve be cool will be warmer if activities accompanied with drinks or foods that can warm the body. Warm food and drinks can help our body to be warm when the rainy season arrived cold and Eve also came. Especially when you’re doing the activity obviously not excited when cold you feel be cause you are lazy to do routine activities. To help assist your body warms when doing activities you can make warm beverages such as milk tea warm for admiting you when activity. Drink anything suitable to accompany your activity at the time the rainy season?

Suitable Hot Drinks During The Rainy Season

Warm honey lemon

The famous lemon has a lot of vitamins that are rich in vitamin C which does not need to doubt. Coupled with the benefits of honey as a natural sweetener that will keep your body warm and not easily affected by pain when the rainy season comes.


1 cup warm water

½ lemon

1 tbsp honey original

How to make:

Prepare warm water in a cup or glass.

Pour the honey and lemon juice.

Mix until evenly distributed and ready to be enjoyed.

Warm chocolate coffee

Kissed from the aroma, a blend of coffee and chocolate is indeed the best patisseries. For those of you who love coffee, hot drinks you can try this one when the rainy season or when cool.


¼ cups hot water

½ spoon sugar

1 spoon tea chocolate powder

½ spoon ground coffee

¾ Cup milk

How to make:

Pour hot water into the glass.

Stir in sugar, chocolate, and coffee. Mix well.

Stir in milk, stir well.

Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds, ready to be enjoyed.

The Benefits Of Consuming Drinks Warm in Rainy Season

The rainy season is indeed related to the temperature of the cold though not cold season. To help warm the body temperature at the time of the rainy season you can drink warm drink that has many benefits.

Can increase body temperature

When we consume hot drinks then the body also became warmer. Body temperature rise with the influx of warm liquid into the body. Thus despite the rain outside, the body will feel warm caused by hot drinks you consume.

Can help improve the dead skin cells that are damaged

Routinely consume hot drinks can also to fix the dead skin cells. Warm drinks accelerate dead skin cells for a quick out and replaced with new skin cells. This is because warm beverages help purify the body from within. A warm drink can also prevent infection acne from within. Increased blood circulation diligently drinking warm warm. The nervous system is so much healthier and digestive work better. Therefore a warm drink consumed both in the morning and at night or when you are exposed to the rain. You can give it a try when the rainy season arrives!

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